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February 11th, 2008 Issue# 86

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Welcome to the latest issue of the Magic Roadshow... magic's #1 Free newsletter. If you are a new subscriber, I want to both 'thank you' for signing up and 'welcome you' to your first issue. I sincerely hope you find something inside to help you with your magic..

This is the biggest issue of the Roadshow.. ever. I don't know what happened. I've saved a few resources from week to week and suddenly.. there was one great big issue! I wish all of them were this easy...

This is not only my biggest issue, this is a very SPECIAL issue as well.. The Magic Roadshow has a new friend, and he's brought a box-load of toys to our little sand box. A while back one of our friends decided to take their toys and go home, leaving us to entertain ourselves. That's OK.. I enjoy a little 'quiet time' every now and again. But, it's been a few months and I'm ready for some new, shiny play-things. Hope you are to...

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Happy Valentine's Day.. ya'll ! Just in case you haven't bought your 'significant other' a gift of Love, better get to it.. It get's cold in the dog house this time of the year. My sweetheart's birthday is the day before Valentine's Day.. so I have to make doubly sure to keep watch for any 'subtle hints' aimed my way.. Happy Birthday Carolyn!

Trying to describe this issue is like trying to describe the color Red. I don't hardly know where to start. So, to alleviate a totally unnecessary mental thought on my part - here's a red crayon. Now go forth and scribble..

    In This Issue

- Review - Modern Coin Magic DVD

- Special introduction and Offer - for Readers Only

- More 'Perfect Storms' from Roadshow Readers

- Ring on a Rubber Band - Video Tutorial

- Card Magic Set to Music - An Impressive Demonstration

- Written Goals And Time Frames - Kyle Peron

- Camelard College of Conjuring of Clemmis - Magical Fellowship

- C.J. Johnson - A Short Interview by Dennis Regling

- Forbidden Magic - A Christian Opinion

- Card Spring - Video Tutorial

- Uri Geller - Finally! The Truth (maybe)

- The Learned Pig Project and 28 FREE Magic Ebooks

- An Inexpensive Way to Keep Your Balls Clean - Magical Balloon-dude Dale


- Friends of Bad Man Soapy Smith - Boss of the Bunco Brotherhood

- Ketchup in a Bottle Trick - Video Tutorial & Explaination

- EarthCam - Where the World Watches the World..

- Free Magic Ebooks for New Subscribers


More Perfect Storms..

I appreciate all of you who took time to write to tell me about your perfect storm. For the benefit of new subscribers, I asked for an example of a trick that went terribly wrong, and then, as if by magic, turned out right.. surprising the performer as much, if not more, than their audience.

We've all had them - some more dramatic than others. But they are all interesting..

This issue, Mann, Brandon Cash, and Matt Packard share their experience's with you. ( I've posted their stories on a separate web page to save a little space.)


Modern Coin Magic - The Classic Course in Coin Magic on DVD

There's TWO good reasons I'm reviewing the Modern Coin Magic DVD set.. One, you have my word that coin manipulation will be the next big 'thing' in the world of magic. The past couple of years have been card manipulation's time, and now - that's about to change. The second reason... Well, we'll talk about that in a few minutes.

I'm assuming all of you know J.B. Bobo. If you don't, he was like THE authority on coin magic.. period. JB wrote Modern Coin Magic, and it has stood as perhaps the definitive work on coin manipulations, vanishes, and tricks for the past 70 years. I have the book. I've referred to the book on many occasions. But, ultimately, I'm a visual guy. I can read something and translate it to mental images, but it's not easy. That's why, when I discovered Bobo's 'Modern Coin Magic' on DVD, I jumped at the opportunity to own it..

Produced by Magic Makers, this is a HUGE 4 DVD set. Hours and hours of steals, flips, vanishes, palms, clips, changes, and effects, all very well explained and performed by Ben Salinas.

The first DVD covered all the basics necessary to get you up to speed. I'm not going into extreme detail, but the video included nine coin concealments, twelve switches, flips and passes, a massive twenty five coin vanishes - including the reverse french drop and the wrist watch vanish. I particularly liked Vernon's Spellbound, the Muscle Pass, Kaps Palm to Palm Switch, and the Jimmy Wilson Vanish.. The basic's of ANY form of magic are invaluable. DVD 1 is ideal for learning all the basic's and giving you a good foundation for the other three DVD's.

DVD 2 included over twenty quick tricks, including Through The Hand, Through the Pocket, Pants Leg Miracle, and Coin to Key. The 'hottest' technique today is sleeving. Magicians like Justin Miller make extensive use of sleeving techniques, which appear rather amazing when performed skillfully. I was pleasantly surprised to find fourteen different sleeving techniques and nine different tricks using these techniques. Believe me, if your magical friends aren't familiar with these techniques, they will be convinced you possess supernatural skills. There were also vids on cuffing and a section on complete coin vanishes, including Bobo's Complete Coin Vanish and the Complete Thumb Palm Vanish.

DVD 3 was my favorite, I think. (Ask me again tomorrow and you may get a different answer..). I love Coins Across. Anything involving coins across has my immediate interest - It's so visual and surprising when performed skillfully. Thirteen different effects, all explained in careful and precise detail, kept me rewinding and rewinding - and my wife begging me to get another hobby. The second half of DVD 3 covered twenty one of coin magic's all-time classics. Roll Down Flourish with Four Coins, Coin Through a Ring, Coins Through The Table, Thieves and Sheep, and Just Pretend are just a few of the flourishes and effects. Master these effects and you can easily perform a solid twenty to thirty minute routine of very deceptive coin magic.

DVD 4 expertly taught fifteen sleights, moves and effects with shells and folding halves. Now, unless you're one of the top manipulators in the world, shells and folding halves are your Best Bet to really knock your audiences sensibilities into the dirt. A gaff is a wonderful thing in the right hands. The Sympathetic Coins, The Modern Miser, Mystery with the Half Shell, and Coin Through a Glass were four of my favorites, demonstrated so even I could understand. The Miser's Dream was covered with nine different variations and subtleties, including T.Nelson Downs Original version. If you perform Miser's Dream, (and if you perform for children there's no possible reason why you wouldn't..) this may be your favorite section of the four DVD's. Also, a bundle of effects using coin boxes are covered in detail. As I've never used a coin box, I'll leave it to others to determine the effectiveness of these video's, although I'm sure, based on the remainder of the set, it's a good teach..

Folks, everything about this set is professional: The material is, and has been for 70 years, first class. You don't get any better than Bobo. Although the material is Bobo's, the production and demonstrations are thoroughly modern. Many of you will see moves performed for the first time - that's why books like Modern Coin Magic are classic, and as timely today as when first published.

The table, cloth, backgrounds, multiple cameras, multiple angles, and even Mr. Salinas' suit, are maximized for viewing. Dark background values and red cloth are perfect for seeing all the positions, and the multiple camera angles on each effect, front and back, show you exactly what's going on from both the performers and the audiences angle.

If you have even a remote interest in Coin Magic, then I highly recommend Modern Coin Magic. Even if you've never performed with coins in your life, don't worry. This set takes you from the very beginning to an extreme expert level in four DVD's. The only negative I can think of is that I sincerely wish I'd had this DVD set fifteen years ago.

Ben has published a minute and forty second trailer to YouTube that gives you a good idea of the style and quality of this set. Remember, the actual DVD's will be considerably clearer and brighter than this clip..

I told you there were TWO good reasons for this review. Here's the second: I have secured a Very Special Offer, strictly for readers of the Magic Roadshow - as a result of my association with Sam Blankenship and The Trick Shop. Read on...


I have readers ask me from time to time where I buy my magic. There are several 'store fronts' in the Carolina's and Tennessee where I physically walk in and buy my magic. But, I buy the majority of my magic and DVD's online. Since last year, I've bought the vast majority of my supplies from The Trick Shop ( in Old Town in Temecula, California. Aside from having the best prices in the business, they have free shipping on all my orders over fifty bucks.. I hate paying shipping!

I could certainly buy my magic and DVD's from a very wide assortment of online stores, gosh knows I receive enough special offers, but I like doing business with Sam. As the former manager of Penguin Magic, Sam and I have talked for over two years of associating our interest in magic. But.. Penguin couldn't get their affiliate program up and running to Sam's satisfaction. Now, as the owner of The Trick Shop, Sam is in total control of both the business and the web site.

During a recent phone conversation, Sam said.. " Rick, how about I do something special for the Roadshow readers..?" Who am I to turn down a great offer. The next thing I knew, he had a totally secret web page set up, and REALLY special prices on two great deals..

The only catch... the special expires in 7 days -or- when the items run out, whichever comes FIRST. Sam really thinks he has enough of these 'specials' on-hand to last seven days.. but I sincerely hope you guys surprise him.

What does The Trick Shop and the Magic Roadshow have up their sleeve's ???


Special #1 .. MODERN COIN MAGIC, the complete 4 DVD set, can be purchased for an unheard of LOW price! Plus, if you purchase it from the web page set up by the Trick Shop especially for Roadshow readers, Sam will include an additional 2-DVD set at no extra charge. What's the title? Click to find out...

Special #2 .. you'll discover a SECOND SPECIAL, by one of the most entertaining magician's on the planet, again, available ONLY to Roadshow readers. Not only did I recently purchase this DVD from Sam, I got a second copy to pass on to a friend..

(PLUS.. anyone who orders ANYTHING from The Trick Shop, and sends me a brief email saying "I ordered from the Trick Shop", will get a classic 400+ page Magic Ebook from the Roadshow. I'll send out an email with the title in four days.. $20.00 value )

===>>> The Trick Shop Special Offer

( Editors Tip.. when ordering, get at least one deck of WYNN Cards. Printed on Bee stock, these are excellent for cardworkers and are the actual cards used in the Wynn in Vegas.. except these are NOT clipped or punched, like many casino cards.. These are also the SAME cards used by Dan and Dave Buck on 'Trilogy..' )


Folks, this is NOT some lame sales pitch... This is an opportunity to experience one of the fastest growing and most innovative magic shops on the planet. The Trick Shop is one of those rare shops that not only kills online, but features lectures by nationally known magicians on a regular basis.. right there in the store. Check out their new 4 week course in magic, which they will also hold on-site.. Located about half-way between Orange County and San Diego, they are within easy reach of many Magic Roadshow readers.

I've CAREFULLY and PATIENTLY weighed my options since I parted with Ellusionist. It's cost me a pile of cash, but I wanted to find a couple of partners that I could take pride in introducing to several thousand readers worldwide.... Please, roll out the red carpet for THE TRICK SHOP.... You have my word you won't be disappointed.

The Trick Shop Special Offer


Ring on a Rubber Band

How do you make a ring visibly penetrate a rubber band held between your fingers? Well, it's not hard if you know the secret. You can access the video at one of my blogs 'Card Tricks and Magical Mysteries'.

All you need is a rubber band and a ring. Holding the rubber band between two fingers, you can appear to push the ring through the rubber band in a very visual manner..


Card Magic Set to Music - Video

Shawn Farquhar is a master magician, as this video shows. Here is almost five minutes of card magic bliss set to music. You MUST watch this video..

Once the viewer opens, be sure to click the 'smart player' button at the bottom right of the screen and view the selection of options available to viewers, not to mention the enhanced picture. Slow it up or watch it frame by frame...


Written Goals And Time Frames -

Kyle Peron

(In 'Kick Start Your Marketing', published in the last issue of the Magic Roadshow, Kyle discussed setting long and short term goals and how they will aid you and your magic. This article will help you take those long and short term goals and make them work for you and your success... editor. )

The New Year is traditionally a time for making resolutions for yourself and for your magic business. It is also about asking yourself directly, "where do you want to be at the end of 2008?" If you want success for yourself this year then it must start with knowing where you want to go. Like every journey, you must have a destination and an end result in your mind. This helps you stay focused and on course.

But what is your destination for your magic? This is something you must think about before any success is ever achieved. This is the art of setting long terms goals for yourself. Once a goal has been set in your mind, then you have a destination for which you can concentrate on getting to. That destination becomes a driving
force that influences what you do and how you do it.

But a goal that exists in the mind is never as good as a goal that is written down. There is simply power in the process of writing. It has often been proven that people learn more and remember more when things are written down on paper. When something is written down, the mind is forced to think about it longer and harder. It also then becomes a very tangible thing. That goal can now be seen and now exists in a format other then a mere thought. There is power here.

Take your long term goal and write it down. This is the goal or goals in which you hope to achieve for your magic by year's end. There is no right or wrong answer here. They are goals that you alone are deciding for yourself. Just keep in mind that you always want your goals to be based upon the notion that you feel you can realistically achieve them. A goal that is so far off the chart, will not serve you any good but cause frustration. Be realistic when you set your goals.

But, a long term goal is only a starting point. A long term goal, even when written down, can be very daunting. It is so far off and might be such a huge change for you that you may not see how you can ever achieve reaching it.

Every long term goal needs to then be broken down into short term ones. These are goals you hope to set for yourself throughout the year that will help you to get to where you want to be. This brings me to a very important point about goal setting. One of the key components to any written goal (short or long) is that there needs to be a time frame associated with it. Without a time frame you cannot 1) gauge your progress and 2) know exactly where to start and when to finish.

A time frame associated to your long and short term goals helps you establish a good plan to achieve the goals you set out. It helps you to know if you are on track and if you are making progress. If I decide that I want to increase my yearly income by $2,400 this year (long term goal) then I can set short term goals for every month. By setting up a time frame associated with these goals, I can know that I will need to achieve an increase each month of $200. By adding a time to the goals I set, it allows me to gauge progress, stay on course and determine how I am doing.

So what happens if we leave our goals too "open ended"? Well for starters, it often times causes people to get very frustrated and annoyed. The reason is quite simple. If I have no time frame associated with any goal I set, then how can I realistically measure it? How can I know if I am even doing well? It is easy to get annoyed this way and simply give up altogether.

So this year set your long term goal for yourself. Write it down and determine short term goals that will help you get there. Then assign a time frame to each of these goals and print the thing out and place it where you can see it every day. You will be amazed at just how much ability you have of obtaining your goals. Suddenly things seem reachable. Remember that a goal without a time frame never gets done. But a goal with a time frame is certainly a key to your own success.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at I would love to hear from you.

Kyle Peron
Magician / Illusionist
Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Camelard College of Conjuring of Clemmis

OK.. Now's the time to explain my recent appointment to that of Full Professor of Conjuring at Camelard College. I was appointed by my friend, Prof. Lloyd Worley, who also happens to be a 'real' professor of English Language and Literature at the Univ. of N. Colorado, is a reader of the Magic Roadshow - which of itself is quite an oxymoron - A professor of English Language reading the Roadshow!

To help you understand Camelard College, lets go to Magicpedia...

"Camelard College is an educational institution that functions in two worlds--the mythical and the mundane. The College is a mythical magic school that exists in the world of magical delight, but the College also has an actual faculty of magicians that includes national officers in our largest magical organizations, well-known professional magicians (many with Las Vegas fame), local and regional professional magicians, dedicated magic hobbyists, and young magicians (under 18) who are learning The Art and who constitute the student body."
"Camelard College enriches the magical persona of its members by granting lifetime titled positions on its Faculty and by granting the right to use its Magical Maxim in the public performance of conjuring. Thus, Faculty members may, in their magical persona, introduce themselves (or be introduced as) Professor Name and may speak all or part of the Magic Maxim in performing magic. Magicians under 18 are granted the title of Fellow. CCCC honors magicians who are dedicated to the Art of Performance Magic. The several ranks from Fellow to Trustee constitute the honors conferred."

In a nutshell, I obtained the position of Full Professor due to fifteen plus years in magic, my membership and responsible positions in the Society of American Magicians (SAM), publication in national magazines, and being the editor of the Magic Roadshow.

A rare few, like Merlina (Maria Ibenez, president of SAM), Jeff McBride and Bev Bergeron have obtained the rank of Senior Full Professor, based on their unique contributions to the art of magic.

As you can see, the members of Camelard College are real, although the college exists in the mythical realm.

Members are encouraged to share their skills and knowledge with others as a teacher of the Art of Magic. An official Faculty Handbook, The Complete Guide to Teaching Magic, 2nd edition, is available to the teaching Faculty. Members are empowered to share their skills with others through local libraries and community colleges, for example. Professor Alfred Albers, author of the Handbook, has included guidance, teaching tips, and sample syllabi to assist other Professors with their admiral tasks.

Membership is free and open to anyone, and I can't think of a better deal. Being a part of a magical fraternity has enormous rewards, especially for those who feel isolated by distance and/or location. I know what it feels like to grow up without the support of fellow magicians. So, whereas the world community has Facebook and MySpace, we have the IBM, SAM, and great fraternities like Camelard College of Conjuring of Clemmis, and wonderful people like Prof. Worley and Prof. Albers who stand behind the curtain..

I could go on and on, as many of you well know, but I won't.. A visit to this link will take you to MagicPedia, where they do an excellent job of explaining all the details.


C.J. Johnson - A Short Interview

Dennis Regling

C.J. Johnson is a professional magician and hypnotist . He currently performs a variety programs including a full illusion show, a mind-reading show and a Hypnosis show. He also produces four different game shows for the college and corporate market.

C.J. has been a professional performer since the age of 20. He is the author of the exciting book "More Shows! More Money! Proven Techniques to Succeed in the Entertainment Business." He has been seen on Showtime TV, CMT, CBS and FOX! He was a Featured Headliner at Houston's Magic Island & at Performing Arts Centers Nationwide! He also toured with the "Brooks & Dunn Neon Circus & Wild West Show."

I had some questions for C.J. and his answers were not only useful to me, but I think they will help any performer.
Q: Which magicians have influenced you the most and why?

A: My performing life changed when I sat in the audience at a show at Magic Island in Houston by Chip Romero. It was watching Chip that made me realize that you could DEMAND that an audience take an interest in your show.
I went back in and watched Chip again a second time that night and from that point forward anytime an audience wasn't coming along with me during a show I would "channel" Chip and insist that they participate in the show.

Q: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a magician?
A: To be able to make a good living doing something that I'd do for free anyway, if I could just find an audience to watch.

Q: What is your goal for the coming year?

A: To do more corporate speaking gigs, and to maintain the number of other shows that I'm currently doing. My real goal is to get the game shows out on the road more so that I can spend more time at home instead of on the road myself.

Q: What advise would you give upcoming magicians?

A: Work. Work. Work. Spend as much time in marketing yourself as you do learning the newest card move. It's the marketing that matters for without having a place to perform your magic, it's not really magic.

(His advise to upcoming magicians is also pertinent to all performers-)

 "It's not the best performer who gets the job the first time, it's the best marketer. The good performer AND marketer gets the job and keeps it for years and years. You've got to focus on the business end of your magic every bit as much, and possibly more, than the performance end. Get the job through hustle, and keep it through talent."

Thank you C.J. for taking the time to share. Information for this article was gathered through email conversations and from C.J.'s webapages.

If you are a professional magican, gospel magician or gospel clown, and you would like to be interviewed for a profile on this site, please contact Dennis Regling at


Forbidden Magic - A Christian Opinion

I've heard this question posed on many occasions. " The Bible speaks out against magic and wizards and condemns magic tricks and fortune telling.. How does this apply to what we know as magic in todays culture?"

'Campus Life' is a Christian oriented magazine geared toward young students. In this months Faith Q&A section a question was presented and answered by Marshall Shelly, a former pastor who now serves as an editor of a magazine aimed at pastors.

Mr. Shelly points out that sorcery is condemned in the Bible, but also points out that not all magicians are considered 'bad' in the Bible..

So what gives ?


Card Spring - tutorial video

Perhaps one of toughest flourishes for the average magician is the Card Spring. Many know HOW to do it, but can't pull it off in real time. AboutMagic has put together a nice set of videos featuring a variety of sleights and shuffles. This is one of my favorite..

As this one is published on Youtube, you can watch it without signing up at the website..


Uri Geller - Finally! The Truth (maybe)

I picked this up from Steven Novella's 'NeuroLogica Blog' (Your Daily Fix of Neuroscience, Skepticism, and Critical Thinking) and thought those of you into mentalism and mental magic might enjoy this little turn of events.. To quote:

"Uri Geller is a mentalist - a magician who uses trickery in order to simulate psychic or paranormal ability. He is a performer of modest talent - his signature trick that of bending spoons while no one is looking. But he has become an international celebrity by crossing a line most mentalists only flirt with, claiming that he performs his feats with true psychic ability and not trickery..."

"In an interview with me (not yet published) and in his online newsletter, Swift, Randi reported that recently, in an interview with German magazine Magische Welt (Magic World), Geller is quoted as saying:

'I´ll no longer say that I have supernatural powers. I am an entertainer. I want to do a good show. My entire character has changed.'

"That is quite a revelation..."

Actually, that IS quite a revelation from one of the most recognizable psychic figures of our generation. That's like the Beatles saying they lip-synced, ala Milli Vanilli..


The Learned Pig - New Free eBooks

For those of you who are not subscribers to the Learned Pig Project, I pity you. Why would you miss out on gobs of FREE magic ebooks? ( And I heard that some of you really enjoy free ebooks.. ) Here is a list of SOME of the ebooks Marko has published to his site in the past couple of weeks.

If these works are NOT in your collection, you are only one click (or two) away from adding these enormously valuable ebooks to your library...

  * Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
  * Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic
  * Bert Douglas' Magical Patter
  * Conjuring with Cards (Ellis Stanyon)
  * DeLawrence Manuscript (George DeLawrence)
  * Magic or Conjuring for Amateurs (Ellis Stanyon)
  * Magical Notions (Louis F. Christianer)
  * Some New Magic (J. F. Burrows)
  * Weird Wonders for Wizards (Sidney E. Josolyne)
  * Wrinkles (S. Willson Bailey -- Harold A. Osborne)
  * Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
  * Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic
  * Conjuring with Cards (Ellis Stanyon)
  * DeLawrence Manuscript (George DeLawrence)
  * Magic or Conjuring for Amateurs (Ellis Stanyon)
  * Magical Notions (Louis F. Christianer)
  * Some New Magic (J. F. Burrows)
  * Weird Wonders for Wizards (Sidney E. Josolyne)
  * Wrinkles (S. Willson Bailey -- Harold A. Osborne
  * Vaudeville Magic (David Lustig)
  * The Magician's Handbook (Selbit)
  * A Half Hour of Magic by Sicnarf.
  * Frozen Alive by Valleau. A hand-written manuscript --a very rare piece--
  * Secrets by U.F. Grant.
  * Paul Rosini's Magical Gems by W.F. (Rufus) Steele.
  * Magic of the Hands by Edward Victor.
  * Miracle Methods Number Two by Hugard and Braue.
  * Programmes of Famous Magicians by Max Holden.

This last ebook is one of my favorites. How famous magicians pace a performance is a work of art in and of itself. What type of effect do they begin their performances with.. and how do they end strong? The psychology of their routines should be required reading for magicians everywhere..

As a free subscriber to Marko's list and website, you have full access to all of the above, and many more. You can freely download any of these. Newer works are available for purchase.


An Inexpensive Way to Keep Your Balls Clean

Magical Balloon-dude Dale

When I started entertaining I looked to cut cost. I could not afford $500.00 worth of magic tricks to incorporate into my routines. What I did, and many others have done too, is to find props in the kid´s toy section of department stores. I soon discovered a $0.25 super ball was a good prop for close-up magic.

But too often these props looked unprofessional or out of place. Here is a simple solution to change the color of a super ball, or other small balls, to better fit your act.

You will need two 5” round balloons. If you don´t have one, talk to a balloon entertainer. A good chance they will have a couple in their balloon bag. Take the 5” round balloon, and stuff the super ball inside the balloon. Inflate the balloon slightly and pull the ball into the base of the balloon. The ball being bigger than the uninflated balloon, it will wrap snuggly around the balloon.

Carefully stretch the balloon and cut off the excesses. You will see a hole in the balloon that reveals the super ball where you cut off the excess balloon. To hide this, stuff the ball into a second balloon with the hole facing down. This will add a second layer to the super ball and hide the uncovered ball.
By adding multiple layers of different colors to the ball, you can customize your props for different venues or to keep them from getting dirty and discolored. Simply remove a balloon layer when it gets dirty and you have a clean fresh looking super ball.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale Obrochta, Master Balloonist
He's not your normal dog-making, heart-giving, sword-handing, balloon animal-making entertainer. His balloon animals are the coolest on the web and it's like going to the zoo.
Balloon Entertainment at its Best!



TRU TV used to be Court TV. Now, they've changed a variety of their programming in hopes of attracting a new audience. One of the newest shows, "The Real Hustle - The Con is On", shows at 10 and 10:30pm on Tuesdays..
Personally, I like it. I've watched all six shows to date and learned a little con of some sort from each one. The hustles are carried out by a 'team', consisting of:

Ryan Oakes, who holds a degree in psychology from the Univ. of Pennsylvania, and an award from the Society of American Magicians as the youngest performer to win the adult stage competition..

Dani Marco, a beautiful actress from the William Esper Studio in New York City, who has appeared in Law and Order, The Sopranos, and with Chris Rock's "I Think I Love My Wife"..

Apollo Robbins, who some of you may remember from Mondo Magic, or perhaps from his Vegas show at Caesars Palace, where he demonstrated his con-artist and pickpocketing skills. Apollo once made news by pickpocketing watches, wallets, confidential papers, and car keys from the Secret Service agents guarding President Carter.

Don't watch this show with any intent of making a devious income.. You WILL be reading future issues of the Magic Roadshow from the computer in the library at your local prison..

Now, for those of you who missed the first several shows, or, for those of you who can't wait until Tuesday, I've found a link to TRU TV where you can watch ALL the shows, like, right now..

Side Trip

Friends of Bad Man Soapy Smith -
Boss of the Bunco Brotherhood

Soapy Smith was considered King of the Frontier Con Men. To quote from Soapy's site...

"The infamous Soapy Smith was a 19th century American confidence man and gambler par excellence. He is known as the "king of the frontier confidence men." As a crime lord Soapy organized a large and powerful gang of talented grifters and rogues in order to assume control of the criminal underworlds in Denver and Creede, Colorado between the years 1884-1895, and in Skagway, Alaska during the Klondike gold rush of 1896-1898. In the latter he was known in the newspapers around the nation as the "uncrowned king of Skagway." Soapy Smith was the last of his kind. An old west crime figure who refused to give up the old ways for a constantly changing modernizing nation..."

There's much to explore on Soapy's site. Check the nav bar to the far left and visit pages and pages of interesting facts about Soapy Smith and the wild west..


Ketchup in a Bottle Trick - Video Tutorial

First, I'm going to set this video up by explaining the science behind the idea. In scientific terms this is called a 'Cartesian diver'. A cartesian diver is a small object of some sort that contains a small amount of air that has been emerged into a container of water. In this video the 'diver' is a packet of ketchup and the container is a plastic soda bottle full of water.

The ketchup container is nearly neutrally buoyant, but buoyant enough that it floats near the top when submerged into the soda bottle.

So, you got a pack of ketchup floating in a soda bottle... big deal. I frequently have that same senario when I take the kids to the fast food joint..

But, the principle derives from what happens when you gently press the sides of the bottle. Suddenly.. (well, maybe not suddenly) the packet of ketchup begins to sink to the bottom, thus the principle 'cartesian diver' takes affect.. and with a little acting, so does your 'magic'..

In scientific circles, the principle is generally demonstrated with a small glass dropper, such as an eye dropper, partially full of water. Although the dropper is open-ended, the same principle applies as with a pack of ketchup, as the air is trapped inside the object. To quote from
Wikipedia: ( )

"The diver is an object in a sealed container of water. Air in the diver makes it buoyant enough to barely float at the water's surface. When the container is squeezed, the pressure affects the least dense material in the container, which is the air inside the diver. The air compresses and reduces in volume, permitting more water to enter the diver. The diver then contains more mass due to the added water, making it heavier."

"Archimedes´ principle states that an object—in this case, the diver—displaces an amount of water equal to the weight of the object. Since the diver now weighs more, it displaces a greater amount of water, is less buoyant, and sinks. When the compression of the container is released, the air expands again, forces the excess water out of the diver, its weight reduces, it becomes more buoyant, and floats again."

With a little acting, you can appear to be in full control of the action.. and actually - you are. Watch the video and get an idea of what you can do with this principle. This makes an excellent street magic or strolling type effect..


EarthCam - Where the World Watches the World..

There are hundreds of 'EarthCams' strategically situated around the world. At any given moment, you can take a look at tropical locations, frozen locations, and world business centers.. all from the same site.

I watched Time Square, in the middle of New York City, the other night. I was actually doing a couple of different tasks, and watching Time Square was not the more important. As the camera panned between busy street corners I noticed a 'gentleman' sitting on a bench, watching as other pedestrians passed. A couple walked by, and as soon as they cleared his vision, he jumped up and begin to violently shake a newspaper machine. Another couple approached and he went back to his bench. A minute later, he was again shaking the newspaper machine.

I begin to laugh as I though about the improbability of the situation... A guy in South Carolina, sitting at his computer, watching a guy in New York trying to break into a paper machine..

He didn't succeed. A few minutes later he gave up and walked out of my vision.

This is really an interesting site to explore. It's great for checking the weather in destinations you may be traveling to, or just wishing you could travel to...


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