Ricky Jay Penetrates a Watermelon

Watch Ricky Jay penetrate a watermelon.. No, it's not as bad as it sounds.. He attempts to penetrate a melon with a playing card. Just typical Ricky Jay doings. Funny.

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Keith Barry Mentalism lecture

As Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Think of Keith Barry as an elite software engineer of the human brain. Featured with specials on both MTV and CBS, Keith also starred in Close Encounters with Keith Barry, a European TV series with aired in 28 countries.

Barry's repertoire ranges from the outright stunt -- driving a car at full speed blindfolded -- to mind control, mindreading, and hypnosis. The Irish magician's style has made him an extremely popular performer worldwide, both in live shows and on his European television series.

"Mr. Barry is not content merely to perform sleights of hand; he wants his audiences to know how deeply he embraces risk, how very life-affirming careering toward the canyon of eternity can be."
New York Times

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Lennart Green video..

Swedish maestro Lennart Green has been baffling audiences for many years with card effects that seem barely possible. In 1991 he won the grand prize in close-up card magic from the International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM). Rumour has it that he might have won in 1985, except his act of seemingly impossible cardplay fooled even the judges.

This is a great 31 minute plus video performance. Click the square in the upper right corner of the video player to go to full screen mode..

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Danny MacAskill video.. Very entertaining.

Not magic, but just as entertaining.. Danny MacAskill has suffered tons of defeats in order to do what he does. Success looks good.. but it certainly doesn't tell the whole story.

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Army Kite video

Army Kite.. It takes guts to participate in a maneuver like this! (thanks Elaine)



Spirit Match Box - video

Take a match box, hold it in your hand, and as you gesture with your other hand watch as the match box both turns, flips and opens by itself. This is a fairly simple, straight forward effect/gimmick that can be prepared in minutes..

Magic Trick Revealed - Click here for more magic videos

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More Slydini videos

Due to the interest in the Slydini link in the last Magic Roadshow, I've decided to publish two more in Magic Bullets. Slydini was born Quintino Marucci in 1901. Long considered a 'magician's magician', Tony Slydini was a master of misdirection. Dai Vernon is reported to have told Dick Cavett that the only magician in the world who could fool him was "Slydini"..

Watch how slow Slydini works. Watching him work, one would exclude the possibility that a sleight would, or could, occur. You know 'something' is going to happen, but not right now. Then, suddenly, the effect is over and you're REALLY wanting him to do it again, which isn't going to happen. Instead, Slydini is going to make you think he's going to give you a second chance to catch him, but he's going to do something entirely different, something again unexpected. The mark of a master...


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Johnny Carson and Dom DeLuise Egg Trick

Thanks to my friend Jim Canaday for this classic video of Johnny Carson and Dom DeLuise 'performing' an egg trick.

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